“Validated me as a working mother.”

I was very pleased with the services provided. I wanted advice on how to maintain a balance between work and home life, making sure not to sacrifice family time for work and other commitments. I felt that the service was very supportive and validated me as a working mother. Now I am more accepting of my role as a working mother.

Meg provided a lot of resources and various worksheets. The concepts that we talked about over the phone, I really took to heart. The biggest change is probably that my husband and I have been making time for each other, which has been nice, and things will be changing a lot as I took a promotion at work.

- Amber, Mom & Early Childhood Educator


“Higher confidence level in my skills and less guilt.”

Thank you so much Meg for all your help and support. I truly appreciate it. Honestly, I am glad I came across your service and highly recommend Shift Career Coaching as it is one of the best career services I’ve used. Money well spent for the quality of service received.

The most positive result I have seen since working with Meg is that my confidence level has increased, as I was feeling anxious and nervous about looking for a new job and starting from scratch. The fact is, now I am feeling better about myself and after a lot of support from Meg with her knowledge and expertise, I’ve developed a higher confidence level in my skills and less guilt. This allowed me to create a new resume, review cover letters, job search strategies, interview preparation, and networking. I expect this will help me in the future so I will be able to know how to negotiate for a job and find a new job that brings flexibility and balance for my ongoing family needs, through balance, self-care, and managing day to day life.

- Neena, Mom & Community Services Worker


“Ready to better determine and voice my needs to my employer.”

I was given very good advice after voicing my concerns regarding going back to work after my mat leave – including being sure of what my needs are now that I am a new mom and my situation has totally changed, knowing what I am willing to compromise on and what I am not, outlining my value and contribution to the company to negotiate my return, putting a plan for returning to work in writing to create accountability, and having a support system (husband, family, friends, etc.) in place and not to be afraid to use it to help in my transition back to work.

The most valuable aspect of the service was Meg’s attentive listening. Working with Meg was a valuable and worthwhile investment. I appreciated that she took the time to research and identify specific career resources for my field of engineering to give me personalized advice on my return to work questions. The career coaching was so experienced and knowledgeable. Now I’m ready to better determine and voice my needs to my employer.

- Adele, Mom & Engineer


“Tools to make a better decision.”

I sought out career support from Shift Career Coaching to help with my career decision of switching from a permanent full time position with guaranteed work to a self employed person on contracts.

I appreciated that the service was personalized and not just a general answer. I feel like I will have a better grasp as to what to look for when I make my switch. The things we talked about are always on my mind now and I am constantly making mental notes about things we talked about.

I feel far more confident in my decision-making skills after our conversation. I am so happy that there is support like this out there for Moms! I feel like I would still be very anxious and stressed about making this decision and it's definitely not the case anymore. I mean there is still lots to think about but I feel like I have the tools to make a better decision now.

- Kiki, Mom & Educational Assistant