The Motherhood Advantage Program

Prenatal & Postnatal Education for Your Career

Enrollment is closed for summer

Please check this fall for details on joining the Motherhood Advantage Program (MAP)


How MAP Works

When you register for MAP you'll get instant access to the online program and be signed-up for the next virtual office hour with your program facilitator, Meg. You can expect to find the following features:

  • Welcome email with details on how to begin the program
  • Indefinite access to program course materials (blog style lessons including short video and slideshows, resources, and downloadable handouts and worksheets)
  • Class discussion forums fully moderated by your program facilitator, Meg, where you can reflect on your progress, ask career questions, and get help
  • Live monthly virtual office hour with Meg using text chat, along with the other MAP moms (requires a Google account to participate)
  • Preferred Client Discount of 10% off one-on-one career services (A La Carte and Coaching Packages), available for 6 months from the start of your MAP enrollment

How You’ll Learn

  • Flexible: Sign into the online program whenever you want. Learn at your own convenience from the comfort of your home or office
  • Fully Supported: Participate in class discussion forums  and live virtual office hours along with other moms to get answers to your career questions. All discussions are moderated by Shift’s Founder, Meg Valdmanis-Miller
  • Self Paced: You decide how much time you need to complete the program, with indefinite access and downloadable course materials (handouts, worksheets) you can save for future personal use

What You'll Learn

MAP is your career wellness toolkit, covering all the important topics for transitioning your career through early motherhood. The curriculum is based on recent trends in motherhood and work. We'll tackle topics in a practical way, as you build your career management skills and focus on the logistics of combining career and motherhood. Program curriculum covers the following 28 lessons:

  • Welcome Module
    • Goals
  • Module One: Career Authenticity
    • Introduction, The Mother of All Transitions Self-Assessment, Core Values, Class Discussion
  • Module Two: Self-Care
    • Introduction, Self-Care Solutions, Expert Q&A with WeeSleep, Motherhood Strengths, Workplace Rights, Self-Care Plan, Class Discussion
  • Module Three: Support Network
    • Introduction, Managing Your Triple Shift (Career, Home, and Emotional Labour), Return to Work Household Plan, Finding Child Care, Workplace Supports, Class Discussion
  • Module Four: Time Management
    • Introduction, Time Management Self-Assessment, Solutions, Printable Planner, Class Discussion
  • Module Five: Career Vision
    • Introduction, Career Vision Workbook, Motherhood Successes, Class Discussion

MAP was created specifically for moms and moms-to-be across Canada. You’ll find resources that reflect the Canadian context, on topics ranging from employment regulations to finding child care.

Here's a Sneak Peek! You'll receive this video as part of the Welcome Module.


Learning Outcomes

  • Apply your personal values to take control of your career direction
  • Connect to labour standards and human rights agencies to understand your rights as an expectant or new mom in the workplace
  • Implement a self-care plan to stay well while meeting the demands of career and family life
  • Connect to government supports and other resources for securing child care
  • Create a household plan to smoothly manage your return to work
  • Adopt effective time management habits to take ownership of your time
  • Recognize supports in your workplace and negotiate for any needed changes to effectively manage your career and family responsibilities
  • Harness your strengths as a mom for career success
  • Foster greater focus in your career by identifying your long term career vision


MAP registration fee:   $75

When you register for MAP you'll gain access to career support customized to your needs as a new mom. This is a great choice for budget conscious moms wanting career support to navigate their careers through early motherhood, using a flexible, self-paced program along with other moms.


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