Meet Meg

M.A., Certified Career Strategist

Welcome. I’m Meg Valdmanis-Miller, Founder & Editor of Shift, Career Strategist for Parents, and proud Mom of Two.

We receive many messages and expectations about our careers as parents. It can feel like a lot to figure out. But there’s also a tremendous opportunity for transformation, to strengthen your career right now, amidst this new stage in your life.

I sincerely believe that family matters and career matters. What that could look like for each of us is the big adventure to explore.

As a Certified Career Strategist, I’ve coached hundreds of professionals through their career transitions and work with parents on the full scope of their career development. I’m educated in career development counselling and committed to practicing according to Canada’s Standards & Code of Ethics for Career Development Practitioners, to offer you the highest quality of service.

This community I call Shift is a space where you can find direction, reach for your goals, and feel supported in the process. All while you’re busy in the hustle of raising your young family.

Join me as I share my big adventure figuring out what it means to have my whole heart in parenthood and my whole heart in my career. I’m here to join you on your big adventure too.

Education & Training

Master of Arts, 
Bachelor of Arts

McGill University

Career Development and Counselling Process,
Career Development and Counselling Theories,
Assessment Instruments,
Work Search

University of Winnipeg

Career Development Standards and Ethics
Career Professionals of Canada

Coping with Change Facilitator (Mothers Support Program)
Women’s Health Clinic

Action-Oriented, Hope-Centred Career Development
Dr. Norman Amundson

Train the Coach Program
Multicultural Business Solutions

The Art of Creating Opportunity
Denise Bissonnette