Work-Life Integration: Part 1

Shift’s new career workshop Work-Family Management for Moms is coming up on Monday, October 24th at Winnipeg’s Nest Family Centre. Reflecting the workshop theme, this new blog series is for moms who want to achieve greater work-life integration. I hope the series will help you take greater control of your work-life integration so you can meet all the demands of a full life.

Make the Most of Change: Part 1

We all go through them. Graduation, starting a career, losing a job, being promoted, moving to a new home, becoming a mother, retiring, to name just a few.

When it comes to career development, transitions are the rich grounds for reaching new heights in your professional and personal life. But they can also be pretty challenging while you’re in the thick of it.

This five part blog series will cover my top seven tips for women to help get the most out of the next change life throws your way.