All in Find Balance

Time to Rest

Last night after getting my little guy down for the evening, I immediately put on my pjs and made the trek down our creaky, wooden staircase where I found my husband sitting down to his laptop. He was about to dive into a few more hours of his workday because a last minute deadline had come up. I looked at the dirty dishes from the dinner I had made sprawled across the kitchen, as I thought of all the things on my to do list, which in theory I had another few hours to accomplish before bed...

Put Your Time to Work

Now is the time of year when we start to let our New Year’s resolutions slide. February is right around the corner. We’re back into the daily grind after the holiday season. If you find your resolutions really aren’t a priority then you're probably feeling fine about letting things slide. However, if you truly want to build the career and life you choose this year, but you’re feeling like you just don’t have the time to make it happen, check out this post for a Ted Talk that will help keep you motivated and focused.

Keep It Real

Stress tells us if we’re on the right track or not. If we listen to it, we can make authentic choices. We will make room on our already full plates for the things we value, one way or another. We take the stress along with all the good that comes with living a life we value. Continue reading for tips on managing stress with authenticity.

What I Learned Tracking Time for a Week

As life becomes fuller with the addition of little ones, it gets harder and harder to make time to reflect. But New Year’s Day has always been a day of reflection for me, and that hasn’t changed now that I’m a mom. Check out this time management activity I tried out to get a handle on how I'm investing my time. You can give it a try too, and gain clarity and motivation for your 2017!

Work-Life Integration: Part 1

Shift’s new career workshop Work-Family Management for Moms is coming up on Monday, October 24th at Winnipeg’s Nest Family Centre. Reflecting the workshop theme, this new blog series is for moms who want to achieve greater work-life integration. I hope the series will help you take greater control of your work-life integration so you can meet all the demands of a full life.