Returning to Work? 5 Tips for a Smooth Transition

Returning to Work? 5 Tips for a Smooth Transition

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“What do I need to do to feel ready for a successful transition back to work?” I listened to my client's question as she shared her concerns about maternity leave ending.

Moms who take a leave from work commonly experience a drop in their workplace confidence. Combined with the demands of managing new responsibilities at home, even the most diligent of us feel overwhelmed about going back to work.

Try out these five tips to address those feelings of overwhelm. Get ready to return to work with confidence.

One: Assess What You Value Most

When your values fit with your career you experience greater satisfaction. Your career has the potential to make you a satisfied parent while also enabling you to provide for your family. Before returning to work, take time to reflect on what you value most. When you make the transition back to work, keep focused on your values. They are your guidepost as you find your way to your new routine. 

Two: Prioritize Wellness

No mom can do without self-care. Be sure to fill your own bowl first. You’ll not only be responding to demands at home, but also in your workplace. You'll need to take care of yourself to be ready to meet these demands. Make a plan for your self-care. What simple activities can you do to recharge each day, week, and month? Schedule time for self-care activities before taking on other commitments.

Three: Build Up Your Support Network

Seek out sources of support in your workplace and at home. Discuss your needs for returning to work with your supervisor and HR team. Discuss your needs for returning to work with your family. Your boss and family can’t read your mind; it’s up to you to start the conversation.

Four: Align Your Time

Get yourself into a time management routine. Treat yourself to a new planner or an app to keep organized. At the start of every month, review your values and goals. Choose just two or three priorities for your career and for your personal life to focus on each month. Schedule these priorities into your calendar, along with your self-care activities, before taking on other commitments. Say ‘no’ to anything that doesn’t fit within your priorities.

Five: Move from Plan to Action

Reflect on where you see yourself professionally in five years from now. Set clear goals for your first year back at work that align with your career vision. Share your goals with your supervisor, ask for support, and align your workplace activities with where you see yourself long term. Your time and energy to advance your professional goals are more scarce than every. Make your time at work count by staying focused.

Remember, going back to work is a transition for everyone involved. Communication in your workplace and at home is key. The goal is to think about how you can work together as a team to have a successful transition.

If you're heading back to work soon and want support to return with confidence, consider booking a career service to help you make a smooth transition. Not sure which service is right for you? Contact Meg to explore your options.

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