Make the Most of Change: Part 2

Make the Most of Change: Part 2

Welcome back to the Make the Most of Change Series. If you missed Part One of the series you can catch up on it here. Today I’m sharing Tip Three along with a free workbook to help you gain perspective and a greater sense of clarity for managing change.

Tip Three: Know what is YOUR definition of success.

Not your friend’s definition of success, not your mom’s definition of success, not even your boss’s definition of success. Know what is YOUR definition of success. Why? If you want to have a good chance of navigating your way through a change to find a new balance that is right for you, you need to know what success looks like on your own terms.

Women have a tendency to put the needs and wants of others before their own. But when it comes to your success, it is not the time to let others dictate the terms. 

Do you know what success looks like to you? Gain clarity by investing some time in exercises that build your awareness of your core values and needs. Here’s a quick exercise you can do today.

20 Minute Personal Mission Exercise

A personal mission is a statement that represents your values and priorities, used to guide your day to day choices and actions, as well as your long term decisions and goals. Having a clear personal mission can keep you feeling grounded in times of change. Expect that once you have a personal mission, you’ll want to modify it from time to time. Keep it relevant as you gain new experiences and the world around you changes.

Here are a few examples of personal mission statements from real women, originally published by Forbes.

To constantly be striving to be the best version of myself—in my job, with my health and fitness, with my relationships with family and friends, and with my emotional well-being.
— Katie Arnold, Talk Less, Say More
To use my gifts of intelligence, charisma, and serial optimism to cultivate the self-worth and net-worth of women around the world.
— Amanda Steinberg, founder of
To live life with integrity and empathy, and be a positive force in the lives of others.
— Amy Ziari, Bateman Group


  • Set aside 20 minutes without distractions. Turn off your phone, ask you partner to watch the kids, find a comfortable space and close the door.

  • Spend your 20 minutes working through Shift’s Personal Mission Workbook. This guided activity will get the writing flowing, taking the guesswork out of crafting your personal mission.

  • Put your personal mission somewhere visible for a daily reminder of what is important to you. You can hang it on the fridge, post it on your mirror, or even set it as your computer background image.

  • Use your personal mission. When you find yourself being pushed away from your personal mission by other forces use this daily reminder to get back on track.

When you know what your version of success is, it can help sort through all the “noise” life bombards you with, including all the demands you’re dealing with at work and home, so you can maintain focus on what matters to you. Clarity in your focus is essential to managing changes as they come and ensuring you find your way to a new beginning that's right for you.

Tune in next Tuesday for Part Three of the series, when I’ll share Tips Four and Five to help you consider small actions you can take to explore what change in your life means to you.

If you have questions about today's post be sure to use the comments. Feel free to share your personal mission statement, I'd love to read what you come up with!

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